Thank you for helping build the Kingdom of God through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Because Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Greater Sacramento is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions are tax deductible. (Legal name: Cenacle Resources Inc, TIN 11-3652311)


To contribute either by paper check or through your bank's free online billpay service, just send your donation to:

CGS Greater Sacramento

7812 El Reno Ave

Elverta CA  95626

If you would like help using your bank's free online billpay service, click here to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.


To contribute with your debit/credit card, either once or on a recurring basis, click here. Our online donation processor, GiveDirect, retains 4% of contributions as a service fee. Your donation will appear on your account statement as "GiveDirect."


You may also be surprised to learn that many employers match employee contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations, even faith-based ones like CGS Greater Sacramento. This is an easy way to leverage your generosity at no cost to you, so be sure to ask your employer.


To donate a vehicle in any condition and receive a tax deduction for it, click the image below.


"The keeping and confession of orthodox dogmas is always to be found in true faith in Christ, but . . . the knowledge of correct dogmas is in the mind, and it is often fruitless, arrogant, and proud . . . The true faith in Christ is in the heart, and it is fruitful, humble, patient, loving, merciful, compassionate, hungering and thirsting for righteousness; it withdraws from worldly lusts and clings to God alone, strives and seeks always for what is heavenly and eternal, struggles against every sin, and constantly seeks and begs help from God for this."

St. Tikhon of Moscow


Click here to apply to participate in the Greater Sacramento Atrium in Elverta in 2024-25. 


Parents, parish staff and others say they didn't understand CGS until they saw it in person. To schedule a visit, click here to contact us.


Participants in the Greater Sacramento Atrium can click here for documents.