"Circle of Grace" Safe Environment Program Parents' Resources

Letter to Parents
COG Ltr to Parents.pdf
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Common Questions
COG Common Questions.pdf
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Parenting & Sexuality - The Basics
COG Basics.pdf
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Summary of Key Concepts
COG Concepts Summary.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 33.8 KB
Children's Stages of Development
COG Developmental Stages.pdf
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Tips for Parents
COG Parent Tips.pdf
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Abuse Signs & Symptoms
COG Signs & Symptoms.pdf
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Resources for Adults
COG Resources.pdf
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In January we will host an introductory workshop for prospective catechists and others who want to learn more about CGS. For details click here.


Parents, parish staff and others say they didn't understand CGS until they saw it in person. To schedule a visit, click here to contact us.


Participants in the Greater Sacramento Atrium can click here for documents.