Young preschool child with hands-on Montessori Catechesis of the Good Shepherd materials


"This important apostolate goes hand in hand with the initiatives of our Diocesan Synod."

Bishop William Wiegand, October 3, 2005


The Catechesis enables children to cultivate the deep relationship with God that He intended at creation. Virtually every week, we hear reports of things that the children say or do that profoundly inspire their parents and catechists. Below are just a few sample anecdotes.


From a parent: "CGS has BEAUTY - God's beauty all over it. The Atrium helps to take our faith and make it alive and personal."


One evening after returning home from the atrium a little boy whispered confidentially to his mother: "Mommy, I have a secret. I am one of Jesus' baby sheep and so is (my brother)."


One week when a family had to miss Atrium, the mother wrote: “Anna was so sad that we were going to miss Atrium, I had never seen her like this . . . I found her crying quietly in her bed . . . on the surface she was trying to be strong throughout the day . . . I did not realize how much her little soul is nurtured by the Atrium."


From a parent whose children have been in CGS for many years: "The Atrium is a respite place, a holy place, a place to find the sacred, a place to find God, a place to be with the Good Shepherd. We bless you Lord for Your goodness and beauty we have tasted through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd."


"The other day as our family was praying, my youngest one, on his own, said Thank you, Mary, for saying Yes."


"As we were driving home, I asked my daughter what she did in atrium today. She told me, "There was a rich man who was like Mary. This man sold everything, all his pearls, for the most precious pearl. The most precious pearl was so special because it had God in it, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." I asked her if she thought the man did the right thing selling all he had for that one pearl. Without hesitating she exclaimed, "Yes!"


"John is benefitting so much from the atrium.  I frequently hear him singing parts of the hymns that he learns, such as the Pater Noster (the "Our Father" in Latin). Yesterday he made up his own little "Holy" song. Once as he was running water gently over the back of his hand, he explained this was part of the presentation on Baptism. I think it's truly inspirational to see how the Holy Spirit is so strong and alive in the hearts of these children."


From a catechist: "This week one of the younger children was tracing the outline of a paten. When I asked her to tell me about it, she pointed to the paten and said Jesus is here."


"Yesterday I put an open Bible, similar to the one in the atrium, on top of the prayer table in our home. When my son and I went to the prayer table, as soon as he saw the Bible he said with awe and reverence, "The Holy Bible!" I asked if we should read from God's Word, and he excitedly said Yes!"


"On the way home from Atrium yesterday my son said, Wouldn't it be great if we could have Atrium all day, every day? He really loves it, which is something for him since he can tend to be quite critical at times."


"For the young child it's about the heart as well as the head, about relating as well as reading, about loving as well as learning."

David Vincent, Administrator, Cenacle Resources


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